I am currently involved in a REHABILITA project with Barcelona Digital Technology CentreI am carrying out a research mobility in Université de Bourgogne in the laboratory LE2I. My researches are focus on automatic content tagging and automatic content retrieval inside videos.

Traffic Signs Detection - Recognition - Tracking

We are currently working on a traffic signs detection-recognition-tracking system.

This work is done in collaboration with LE2I (France - Le Creusot) under supervision of Yohan Fougerolle.

Our contribution is threefold:
  • Proposition of a new naive detection based on color and shape retrieval.
  • Using the information of the detection, we propose to recognize traffic sign using machine learning methods.
  • In order to perform to accelerate the process of detection-recognition, we propose to introduce a tracking module information already extracted in the two previous stages.

Real-Time Visual Object Tracking

We develop a method allowing to track any kind of object inside a video.

Our method belongs to the group of features-based tracking method. In fact, features are detected in two consecutive images and correspondences are found.

Geometric transformation is estimated using the previous matching by the aid of a robust estimator.

The method proposes the following advantages:
  • Real-time computation.
  • Scale invariant.
  • Rotation invariant.
  • Partially robust to illumination changes.
  • Partially robust to occlusions.

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